Version 2.3 - Release Info

released 07/13/07

New Features

  1. Rich Media Templates - A user can easily set up various types of rich media creatives such as Flash, Text Ads, Pop-ups, Pop-unders, Expandable banners, and floating ads. In addition, any number of new templates can be added to the system, depending on client need. Special knowledge of rich media code is no longer needed to traffic rich media campaigns!
  2. Built-in Support of Rich Media Supporting Images - Any rich media creative which needs a supporting image, no longer requires that a user FTP files to the ad server. Up to two supporting rich media images can be selected and uploaded directly from the user interface. When a supporting image is uploaded, links to the image also appear in the Creative Details page.
  3. Built-in Fix to Problems with Flash Ads in the MSIE Browser - On April 11, 2006, Microsoft updated its browser so that Flash files which are viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer browser will prompt users to "click to activate and use this control" before it will run. The new Flash Ad template solves this problem.
    An article describing the issue can be found here .
  4. User Interface Navigation Improvements - Various subtle improvements have been made to the user interface navigation including:
    • Delivery control assignments are now listed in the Campaign Details and Creative Details page so that a user can quickly see which delivery controls have been assigned.
    • A link back to the associated Creative Details page has been included on the Edit Rich Media page, the Section Assignment page and the Delivery Controls assignment page.
  5. New and Bigger Notes Fields - The campaign details Notes field has been expanded in size and a Notes field has been added to the section details page.
  6. Campaign Name and Advertiser Name Added to E-mail Reports - All e-mail campaign reports now include both the campaign name and advertiser name in the e-mail subject and body.
  7. New Report Types - Two new report types have been added to the publisher reporting page:
    • Creative Report - Reporting can now be run by individual creative. Creative reports are also now available on the advertiser reporting URL page.
    • Advertiser Report - Reporting can now be aggregated by individual advertiser.
  8. View Subpublisher Values in Report Choices - When making reports, a user can now choose to "View Subpublishers" to show all sub-publisher sections, advertisers, campaigns and creatives in the reporting pick list. This effectively enables Publisher reporting and allows a user to run sub-publisher reports without logging into the sub-publisher account.
  9. New Report Tables - The reporting results for all report types now include the following new tables:
    • by Advertiser
    • by Month
    • by Publisher
  10. Report Column Sorting - All of the important columns in the report results can now be sorted A-->Z and Z-->A or largest to smallest and smallest to largest.
  11. Full Suite of Customizable Publisher Preferences - All publishers can now set up a group of preferences, which are intended to allow the publisher to brand his own look-and-feel and functionality of the publisher account and user interface, so that a seamless "private label" ad server can be created for the publisher's clients.
  12. Ability to Make Relative Links for Ad Images - A new macro called [OASISHOSTNAME] has been added for use in the creative Click URL field. For uploaded images, users can now specify relative links instead of absolute links by replacing the link hostname with the [OASISHOSTNAME] macro. When a click-through occurs, the macro will be replaced with the actual hostname of the page on which the ad appears.
Minor User Interface Improvements
  1. Wider Clickthrough URL, Name, and Report Name fields - Some of the important fields which can contain long strings have been widened by 50%, making it easier to see the field entry.
  2. New Sortable Columns for Campaign List - The list of campaigns now has four new columns: Start Date, End Date, Scheduled Impressions and Scheduled Clicks, which helps to organize and find campaigns. These columns are also sortable.
  3. Additional "Add" Links - New "Add" links have placed at both top and bottom of page for list of campaigns, list of advertisers and list of users to make trafficking new items faster.
  4. New Columns on List of Campaigns - Four new sortable columns have been added to the campaign list -- Start Date, End Date, Scheduled Impressions & Scheduled Clicks -- making it easier to find campaigns and get an overview of important campaign details.
  5. Preview Rich Media link on Campaign Details page - A user can now preview the rich media from the campaign details creative list without having to click into the creative details.
  6. Sort Users Page by Publisher Added - In previous versions of OASIS, the Users list could not be sorted by publisher. This has been fixed.
  7. Campaign and Creative Name Fields Lengthened - The width of the campaign and creative name fields was too short and was doubled in length.
  8. Third-party URL Field Lengthened - The width of the third-party URL field was too short and was lengthened.

Bug Fixes

  1. Copy Campaign Creative Assignments Bug - In previous versions of OASIS, when a campaign was copied and the campaign's creative had section assignments, the creative section assignments were not properly carried over for live delivery. This has been fixed.
  2. Campaign Name and Creative Name fields Cannot be Blank - In previous versions of OASIS, no error would be given when a campaign or creative was made without a name. This caused the inadvertent creation of "phantom" campaigns and creatives which could not be edited or deleted. Now the system will display an error and require the user to enter a name if the field is left blank when the Save button is clicked.
  3. Fix to Section Display of Assigned Campaigns & Creatives - In previous versions of OASIS, all campaigns or creatives which were explicitly assigned to a section were shown in the section assignment list, regardless of the campaign or creative status. In the previous version, only Active campaigns and Active creatives belonging to Active campaigns are shown in the assignment list.
  4. Fix to Copy Campaign & Copy Creative Bug - In previous versions of OASIS, a campaign or creative's delivery controls were not copied when the campaign or creative was copied. This has been fixed. Also, when creatives are now copied, the creative Status field is automatically set to Active instead of a blank entry.
  5. Duplicate Advertiser Logins No Longer Allowed - In previous versions of OASIS, duplicate advertiser logins were allowed in the system, causing potential advertiser reporting login problems. This has been fixed.
  6. Sort Advertiser Page by Publisher Added - In previous versions of OASIS, the advertiser list could not be sorted by publisher. This has been fixed.